Sky’s the Limit

Story by David Moore

SKY Asian Fusion has many things going for it.

Award-winning food. An elegant and exotic decor. Attentive staff. And a nice range of prices.

Oh, and one more thing that literally puts it higher above all other restaurants in Ocala: Location. Yes, it’s located on the sixth floor of the Holiday Inn & Suites Conference Center. No other restaurant in town can make such a tall claim.

And while I love the view from above that we are not often treated to here in Ocala, we all know it’s the food and attentive service that counts the most at restaurants. All the rest is just extra. But it’s great when the restaurant has the total package to offer, just like SKY.

Something else that really sets SKY apart from all other restaurants in Ocala are its back-to-back (2010-2011) Golden Spoon Awards from Florida Trend magazine. The magazine bestows these prestigious awards to the best restaurants in the state each year. It’s a high honor, for sure.

SKY has a few new things up its sleeves, including a new chef and new additions to its menu, which offers a fusion of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisine. Chef Eugenio Torres has been over the kitchen now for three months. When speaking to him you can tell he loves what he does as he speaks so passionately about food and flavor combinations.

Check out what Sky has to offer in our Oct. 2012 issue. Planning on having a meal there? Tell us what you think!

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