Let Them Eat Art!

Compiled by: John Sotomayor

Can you feel it? Do you see it? Can you taste it? There is an explosion of art forms bursting all around us in Ocala. Look around you and you will find a melting pot of artistry combined with culinary mastery that rivals that of much more populated metropolitan cities.

We are so impressed with our local artistic developments that we decided to have a little fun.

We presented 10 of our local master chefs with a challenge: devise a culinary work of art that served as an interpretation to an iconic fine art painting or sculpture of their choosing that is both pleasing to the palate and eye, yet easy enough to recreate, that any one of us can do.

The winner of the challenge is … our readers! The chefs generously share their recipes so that you too can create and eat a work of art.

Check out the recipes in our Sept. 2012 issue.

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