Shaun Tillman – 40 Under 40

Age: 39
Kids: 4
Occupation: Owner of Empire Construction
My grand goal in life: To build something bigger than me, something that will continue to benefit not only my family but the community for years to come.
When not working, I: Am either in the woods, on the water, or exploring beautiful places around the world.
What I like most about living in Ocala: Is being in the center of the state for easy travel to many different places.
My biggest pet peeve: A “can’t” do or negative attitude.
One word that summarizes my philosophy of life: Purpose
My greatest strength is: Hard work, Dedication, and Perseverance.
If you could have a superhuman power, it would be: Patience
Community cause nearest my heart: Different community outreach programs.
A guilty pleasure of mine: Things that go fast on land or water.
People who know me say I am: Confident, Determined, and Loyal.
Personal achievement for which I am most proud: Providing a lifestyle for my family which I could only dream of as a kid.
Favorite part of my profession: Seeing dreams become a reality.
If there is one thing I indulge too much in: Work
Top three things on my bucket list: To start a contracting firm in Costa Rica to help build safe communities, visit Dubai to see the architecture and to see the Northern Lights.

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