Robert Bisbee

Ocala Magazine 2022 40 under 40

Robert Bisbee Ocala Magazine 2022 40 under 40

Name: Robert Bisbee

Age: 37

Occupation: Owner, IT/managed service provider store

Name of business/workplace: BizTech

When not working, I . . . Love to travel, to read, pretty much anything that involves learning or seeing something new.

What I like most about living in Ocala: The community, I’ve lived here my whole life and the way everyone comes together in times of need still amazes me.

My biggest pet peeve: Being lied to, or not acting with integrity.

One word that summarizes my philosophy of life: Honor

If you could have a superhuman power, it would be. . . Time travel

Community cause nearest my heart: Helping the homeless getting identification and services

A guilty pleasure of mine: Getting caught up in a series of TV or books and just binging the whole thing at once.

Any person in history I could have a dinner date with, and why: Nikola Tesla. I want to know if he really did find a way to route electricity without wires back then.

Favorite part of my profession: Getting to help people.  Businesses don’t usually reach out when everything is going great, so getting to go in and set things right and really help people is very fulfilling.

If there is one thing I indulge too much in, that would be . . . My wife, but she deserves it 😉

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