Orleans Pasta with Grilled Chicken: Recipe Courtesy of Thyme Fly’s Bistro

Makes 2 servings


2 tbl – unsalted butter
6 oz – fresh mushrooms, sliced
3 each – scallions, diced, (green parts only)
2 cloves – garlic, minced
2 oz – white wine or dry vermouth
8 oz – heavy whipping cream
2 tsp – your favorite cajun seasoning
¼ cup – grated parmesan cheese
1 lb – penne pasta, cooked al dente’
2 each – chicken breasts, grilled or sautéed
1 tsp – fresh parsley


  1. cook penne pasta to al dente’, drain and set to side
  2. grill or sauté chicken breast, and set to the side, cover with foil
  3. in the same pan, over medium high heat, sauté mushrooms for about 5 minutes
  4. add the scallions, and continue to sauté for about 2 minutes
  5. add the minced garlic and continue to sauté for about 30 seconds
  6. add the wine and simmer until the alcohol smell is gone
  7. add heavy cream, and simmer to reduce and thicken the sauce
  8. add cajun spice, continue to reduce while stirring
  9. take pan off the heat and add the parmesan cheese, continue to stir
  10. add the pasta to the sauce pan and stir in to cover all of the pasta with the sauce
  11. plate the pasta into a medium sized plate or bowl
  12. slice the chicken breast and place on top of the pasta
  13. sprinkle fresh parsley over the top and serve


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