Ocala’s Hometown Nursery

Ryan Mims and Bernadette Castro

Tower Hill Nursery offers custom service in a beautiful setting

Looking to do some landscaping or spruce up the yard? Not sure what plants are the right ones? Maybe looking for some pavers or a water feature, too? Well, stop by Tower Hill Nursery in northeast Ocala for some custom advice on just what you need to beautify your yard or business property.

Ryan Mims, owner of Tower Hill Nursery, opened the nursery at 1712 NE 36th Ave. in Ocala during the COVID-19 pandemic. His goal was not only to provide a complete selection of flowering plants, vegetables, shrubbery and trees, from live oaks to magnolias to palms, but to create a nursery that has a hometown feel to it. Mims calls Tower Hill “Ocala’s Hometown Nursery,” and for good reason.

Look around Tower Hill Nursery’s tree-shaded acres and you will see old farm equipment, vintage outdoor furniture and pieces of the Ocala’s past. Sitting in front of the garden center is the bull — now decorated and painted — that once sat in front of Horse and Hounds Restaurant. The walkway through Tower Hill Nursery is paved with historic bricks, salvaged from the once-grand Castro family home near what is today Golden Ocala.

“As Ocala grows, I want it to stay like this so people know what a small-town nursery looks and feels like,” Mims said. “I always liked the farm look, the country look.”

 “Ocala’s Hometown Nursery” offers not only a bit of a step back in time but personalized customer service as well. Whether it is landscaping, hardscaping or an irrigation system that you want, Tower Hill Nursery’s employees are prepared to give you the personalized attention you deserve. And no job is too small or too big for them.

The nursery operates in partnership with Mims Landscaping, which Mims started 18 years ago. Mims Landscaping does hardscaping and irrigation projects, everything from pavers and water fountains to irrigation systems and lawn maintenance.

Mims’ most important goal with each customer, though, is to provide top-notch customer service to fulfill their needs and goals.

“What’s going to fit the lifestyle of the customer is the key,” he said. “What are they trying to achieve? What suits their individual situation? We offer custom, personalized landscaping to meet the customer’s personality, lifestyle and budget. We try to meet everybody’s expectations.”

A lifelong resident of Ocala and a Vanguard High graduate, Mims said both Tower Hill Nursery and Mims Landscaping are growing, in part, because of its hometown feel.

Whether you want some flowers or maybe a decorative pot or you’re looking to do a major landscaping of your yard with pavers and a fountain, stop by Tower Hill Nursery and enjoy the hometown ambiance and the personalized service Tower Hill Nursery offers.

Tower Hill Nursery is located at 1712 NE 36th Ave. in Ocala. To phone, call 352-216-4263.  

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