Lisa Bucher

Ocala Magazine 2022 40 under 40

Lisa Bucher Ocala Magazine 2022 40 under 40

Name: Lisa Bucher

Age: 37

Occupation: Dance studio owner

Name of business/workplace: Footprints in Motion

When not working, I . . . like to spend time with my family any chance I can get.

What I like most about living in Ocala: I’ve lived here my entire life so I don’t know anything different.

My biggest pet peeve: When someone smacks their food or chewing gum while in class.

One word that summarizes my philosophy of life: YOLO

If you could have a superhuman power, it would be. . . Invisibility

Community cause nearest my heart: Feeding the homeless and teaching my kids to give back.

A guilty pleasure of mine: Any type of fantasy TV series.

Any person in history I could have a dinner date with, and why: Elvis Presley. My father passed away in 2016 and he idolized him. It would be neat to meet the person he admired.

Favorite part of my profession: I can share my passion with others.

If there is one thing I indulge too much in, that would be . . . Work. However, my job never feels like work because I love it so much.

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