Juan Gonzalez – 40 Under 40

Age: 34
Kids: 7 & 1 grand baby
Occupation: Podcaster/ event creator and coordinator / videographer/ promoter for Got6 Production/ This Random Life/ The Protein Social
My grand goal in life: Be a good father and partner. To create a culture by using the arts to bring the community together and have a space our children’s children can find themselves and each other.
When not working, I: Spend quality time with my fiancé and the family but my creative mind is always running, whether I’m painting or thinking of new show ideas.
What I like most about living in Ocala: Is that in the 5 years I’ve lived here, I’ve met amazing people. People who help me figure out my first and next step by openly sharing their knowledge and experience with me.
My biggest pet peeve: Unnecessary conflict or drama. Everything works best when we support and help one another instead of putting our energy into the negative.
One word that summarizes my philosophy of life: LOVE
My greatest strength is: My persistence and drive.
If you could have a superhuman power, it would be: To make it rain $$$ lol
Community cause nearest my heart: Although, there isn’t a specific organization dedicated to total inclusivity, that is what I am most passionate about.
A guilty pleasure of mine: Food
People who know me say I am: A great supporter.
Personal achievement for which I am most proud: Building what I have in a community I was new to.
Favorite part of my profession: Meeting new and interesting people.
If there is one thing I indulge too much in: Baked goods.
Top three things on my bucket list: Doing a live show in a large venue with packed seats, to do my work and to travel with my wife around the world, to make a film.


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