Jocelyn Casey James – 40 under 40 2021

Name: Jocelyn James

Age: 31

Occupation: Owner/Founder CenterState Bookkeeping

Grand goal in life: Empower and inspire

When not working, I . . . like to spend time with my family enjoying all the wonderful outdoor hobbies Florida has to enjoy. 

What I like about Ocala: Everything. I was born and raised in Ocala. I enjoy the small town feel. The springs and natural landscape, being close to the beach, great fishing, beautiful pastures of horses. I think Ocala is a wonderful place to live. 

Pet peeve: Repetitive or inefficient processes. I like things to be simple and streamlined.  

Philosophy of life word: Persistence 

Personal superpower: Connection. 

Superhuman power I’d like: I would like to give people the gift of 

Favorite cause: NAMI of Ocala. National Alliance for Mental Illness. 

Guilty pleasure:  Plants. Indoor, outdoor, vegetables, flowers, I love them all.   

Historical dinner date:  This is a really hard question, I’m not sure I can answer. I admire so many historical figures. The one that pops into my mind first is Joan of Arc. She was a peasant girl who went on to lead a French army ending the 100 years’ war with the English at the age of 19. I would love to spend an hour discussing her rise to sainthood despite being born in a time where, for a peasant girl, you were not taught to read and write. Her story is inspiring because a person can do anything with faith and determination. I believe this with my whole heart. She is the embodiment of this. 

People who know me say I am . . . Driven and easy to talk to. 

Biggest professional achievement: Building a business that allows me to be available for my children while still employing other stay at home parents. 

Favorite part of my profession: Connecting with local business owners and helping alleviate some of the stress of business ownership. I can sense the weight being lifted as I explain how I can take over many administrative duties and help them gain more time professionally and personally. 

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