Alex Bidwell – 40 under 40 2021

Name: Alex Bidwell

Age: 31

Occupation: Executive Director

Business/workplace: Highpoint at Stonecrest

Grand goal in life: To inspire my younger siblings, nephew, and others that want to be in leadership roles. 

When not working, I . . . am on an adventure. 

What I like most about Ocala: The same thing distribution centers like about Ocala: It’s easy to get everywhere else. Also, some of the landscapes that remind me of my hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Pet peeve: Able-bodied people parking in handicapped spots. 

Philosophy in a word: Timshel. It’s not a real word, perhaps that is apropos. 

Personal superpower: Helping other people discover their superpowers. 

If you could have a superhuman power, it would be: Gaining any of the regular human powers such as 20/20 vision or a properly aligned skeleton.

Favorite cause: Alzheimer’s Associations and support groups. Shout out to the Central and North Florida chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Family Organization. 

Guilty pleasure: Leather jackets. Anything animal skin or animal hair, really.    

Historical dinner date: Marjory Stoneman Douglas, to thank her and hear her incredible stories about 108 years of activism for so many significant causes. 

People who know me say I am . . . Tall. I’ve also been told I am anywhere from 1 to 4 flame emojis, which I believe means I am flammable, the degree to which varies under different circumstances. 

Biggest professional achievement: There’s no way to describe the feeling when a person with dementia reaches for your hand for comfort because they recognize you, but I can articulate that it gives me more pride than any title, acclaim, or promotion I’ve ever received. 

Favorite part of profession: I get to strategize at a higher level to create the best workplace for my staff and the best place to live for my residents, but I also get so many direct opportunities any given day to make a difference. 

I indulge too much in … work, naturally! Maybe because I’m not on TikTok?

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