40 Under Forty: Tony Deras

Name: Chef Tony Deras

Age: 32

Title/Company or main life pursuit: Executive Chef at Katya Vineyards

What is your word and why did you chose it? Cheers. This is a happy word which symbolizes celebration. 2020 has been a year of mountains for everyone. We should celebrate our unity as people and how we have grown together.  

What aspirations do you have for yourself in the next 40 years? Same as my wife Kat, watching our legacy pass to the next generation, still, with a green tea shot in each hand . . . LOL.  

Favorite way to give back to the community? Grow the next generation. It is one thing to develop your knowledge, however, that is only the first step. You need to pass along your life lessons, teach the next person in line and inspire them to create their own legacy. 

What do you love and/or hate about the Ocala area? I love that we are recognized internationally as the Horse Capitol of the World. There’s only one, and that is us. We have harnessed this potential and, in our own small town way, are creating our place on the world stage. 

A few albums and movies you’d bring to a deserted island? Every island needs reggaeton! And once we run out of music I will start singing . . . right, Kat?!?

You never leave home without: My cell phone. 

If you could tell your 16-year-old self one thing: Never give up on yourself. The moment you give up will be the moment no one is left fighting for you. Remember, life will tough, but so are you. 

Anything else you’re super passionate about that you’d like to tout: I enjoy boxing, however, soccer definitely runs through my blood.


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