40 Under Forty: Lacy Jernigan

Name: Lacy Jernigan

Age: 39

Title/Company/main pursuit – ARNP Gaudier Neurology, mom of triplets + 1

CURE – I chose the word CURE because I learned quickly when I entered medicine that there is not a cure for everything, but many expect a cure. Obviously, a cure results in tremendous hope for patients, however, there are many people that live with diseases that cannot be cured. I have experienced this personally with a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and professionally in neurology. When a cure is not an option, I take pride in my ability to walk my own child and my patients through their struggles by providing comfort and faith during fear and desperation, as well as providing them with hope for potential treatments and strategies to learn gratefulness for the various options modern medicine has to offer.

What aspirations do you have for yourself in the next 40 years?  My main aspiration is to continue to learn and grow as an individual. I also aspire to help my children develop to their maximum potential.

Favorite way to give back to the community? I really enjoy service projects, mainly in medicine and education. I serve on the school board at Grace Christian School where my children attend and a parent advisory board for UF Health Pediatric Diabetes program. I also like to support our local non-profit organizations.

What do you love or hate about Ocala? I love Ocala. I was born and raised here and only briefly left for college. My family, including my grandparents have lived in Ocala since the 1930’s. I love seeing family friends at work and in the community. It always sparks lovely conversations about the “old days.” Ocala is also a great place to raise children.

A few albums and movies you’d bring to a deserted island?  Don’t they have Pandora and Netflix on deserted islands now?!

You never leave home without – My reflex hammer and tennis racket

If you could tell your 16 -year-old self something: When you grow up ,make sure you find a career where you love what you do every day.

Anything else your passionate about that you’d like to tout: I am very passionate about my job. I love being an ARNP and working in neurology. When I am not working you will find me on the tennis court or on my road bike. But above all, I am most passionate about my family and the way my husband and I raise our children. Having 10-year-old triplets and a 6-year-old makes every day an adventure. At the end of the day, my goal is to raise my children to be their best and help them to learn, grow, and develop so that they can find success and happiness in their lives.

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