Women of Influence: Tyla Kennedy

What do you love about the Ocala community?

“What do I love about Ocala? Everything! I was born in New York and have lived in Ocala for the last twenty years. I came from a small town, so Ocala is just big enough for me. I love all the activities for young entrepreneurs like myself. It’s the perfect town to network in and to build great relationships.” 

Can you tell us about what you do?

“I am a full time Herbalife health coach, business owner, Ted Talk speaker, Christ follower, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. I am currently on a mission to make the world a healthier and happier place to live. I recently opened a nutrition club, Baseline Nutrition, which is a smoothie/shake shop that provides healthier options for the community. I have a passion for helping others reach their physical and financial goals through nutrition, fitness, and a healthy, active lifestyle.” 

In what organizations have you served in the Ocala community?

“I wear many hats in the community including ambassador of the CEP, member of the Young Professionals of Ocala, board member of the March of Dimes, and a member of Toastmaster Ocala. I love getting involved with local charity events in the community. I have had the honor to raise money for the PACE Center for Girls, the Marion County Literacy Council, Frank Deluca YMCA Scholarship Program, Interfaith Emergency Services, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Marion County.” 

What advice do you have for others who
would like to follow a similar path to the one that you have?

“If I could give women any advice it would be to never give up on your dreams and never settle. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. So often I see women settling for the job they hate, the man they can’t stand, or the idea that life is just about going through the motions. Write that book, open that business, go on that trip, and most importantly love yourself! You are worthy, you are beautiful, and you were created for so much more. There will never be another you again, so love as much as you can, give as much as you can. Service to many leads to greatness.” 

Is there anyone you would like
to thank?

“I would just like to say a special thank you to God for another day, my mom for the gift of life, and to anyone who is reading this and got inspired. The world needs YOU. Never forget it.”

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