Women of Influence: Britt McMinn


Tell us about your work

I have been in the beauty industry for over a decade. I’ve had a passion for skin my entire life. It’s been a journey of ups and downs but I can finally say with consistency and hard work I am at my peak place in the beauty industry, as a medical aesthetician. My love for medical and beauty are all in one! It doesn’t get much better than that. I specialize in customized facials and skin care plans for your every need, as well as microblading and lashes.

What do you love about our community?

I’ve had the privilege of living in Ocala for the last 30 years. Our community is that of strong independent striving individuals. I love seeing Ocala grow as well as prosper in all the right ways! The love for our community and others is what sets us apart, I believe. Well, that and being the horse capital of the world.

What advice would you offer someone interested in a similar career path?

If I could give anyone advice it would be to stay patient and consistent with your passions, goals and dreams. Be kind and love yourself and others. Life is about learning and expecting nothing from anyone except yourself. If you want it bad enough there is always a way.   

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