Web Only: Actress Malin Akerman’s Advice for Multi-Tasking Moms

Even the most skilled multi-tasking working woman knows keeping everything on  track is tough.  From work schedules to social calendars to finding time for yourself, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with a chaotic routine. Day to day is a challenge enough and that holds true for moms across America, even famous ones like actress Malin Akerman.

Akerman admits the joy of motherhood and all of the increased activity that comes with it makes her balancing act tough, especially with her new role on the small screen. The ABC “Trophy Wife” star wants to make the right choices without sacrificing time, taste or nutrition, while savoring every moment with her baby and husband.

“Now more than ever, I appreciate the little delights in each day. For me, that’s everything from getting to spend extra time with my family to enjoying my favorite snack during a break on set,” said Akerman. “I fell in love with Müller yogurt because it’s a delicious, nutritious snack that’s easy to grab and go.”

Akerman has mastered these simple tips to make it all work:

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast. It’s important for the entire family to start the day off right. Breakfast gives you energy for the day and keeps you from caving into all the bad options when hunger hits mid-morning.
  • Ready for Anything. Because of her hectic schedule, Akerman stocks the fridge with nutritious snacks that are easy to grab and go. Her favorite treat is new Müller FrütUp Mango, a creamy yogurt topped with whipped fruit mousse which she describes as pure bliss.
  • Take a Stroll: Akerman always tries to stay active. She loves going on long evening walks with her husband and son.
  • Play Guessing Games: Akerman likes to keep her muscles guessing, so she is always changing up her exercise routine. Right now, her favorite exercises are cycling class or pilates.
  • Buddy-up: She really enjoys exercising outside in the summer. Akerman just grabs a girlfriend and goes for a hike. She loves that it keeps both of them on track.

For a behind-the-scenes look at Akerman’s daily routine, summer tips for a successful balancing act and a full line-up of tasty yogurt flavors, visit www.Facebook.com/mullerquaker.

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SOURCE: Muller Quaker Dairy

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