So that horses can move as nature intended

By Louisa Barton | Photography By Ralph Demilio

Upon arrival at Silver Moon Iberian Farm, I couldn’t help but notice the scenic tranquility of the property. We drove back to the barn to see the beautiful Natural Horseman’s saddles and the very personable horses, whose heads came over the stall doors to greet us. My eye was drawn immediately to one of the newer saddle designs, with beautiful tooling. Letitia Glenn, who by the way does not even look half her age, so I won’t tell you how old she is, greeted us and was clearly excited and happy to share her years of research. Glenn has been studying horses and their movements, with a real passion for the animal and a determination to solve saddle fitting issues for horse and rider.

We met the horses, all three very well-mannered and very comfortable being our saddle models for the afternoon. Glenn showed us the scapula bone and the huge change in the shape of horses while the horse is standing still compared to when they are in motion. She also showed us another brand of saddle, clearly not designed with the horse and his comfort in mind. We compared the two saddles, and the difference was very enlightening. It was a beautiful afternoon, not as hot as some July days have been and there was even a slight breeze under the huge oak trees blowing through the Spanish moss. 

Glenn, founder and CEO of Natural Horseman Saddles, is passionate about horses and 100 percent committed to their comfort and well-being. Glenn is a huge proponent of the welfare of the horse and its importance. She believes we need to be their voice and communicate for them. Glenn says that the emphasis is on education, empowering riders with knowledge and clear understanding each and every time they saddle up. She says that riders are always much more likely to achieve their performance goals when the horse is happy in mind and body. The result of this is a much better overall relationship with your horse. The end goal is to “enhance the harmony between horse and human.”

Glenn shared with me that more than 20 years ago, her eyes were opened to the problems and pain that so many other riders unknowingly inflict on their horses. Glenn had felt this years ago herself and spent money on a “custom” saddle, only to find that although it did fit her horse when he was standing still, once in motion, it was clear that this saddle did not fit him at all. Glenn now shares these key principles that she has learned to fit the horse in motion. Other than her horses and the lovely farm she resides on, Glenn’s joy in life comes from a place where she can provide education, tools and techniques to help you and your horse discover your best possible saddle fit. Glenn is not at all concerned that her and her team’s ideas do not conform to many long-held saddlery traditions, because thousands of horse owners have discovered this path to maximizing comfort and performance.

You may already have a saddle that you love, or perhaps your saddle was quite a large investment. In that case, Glenn does not want you to feel that the only option is to purchase a saddle from her. Another option is to purchase the Versafit saddle pads or shims, which allow riders to work with their current saddles to ensure the horse is comfortable, with options for English saddles and Western saddles with exclusive Smartflx foundations and options to correct the saddle that you are currently using.

Glenn can help you rethink saddle fit from the perspective of the horse. Whether you are on the trails or in the show ring, you and your horse can achieve your goals and ensure your horse is moving as nature actually intended.  

For information on Natural Horseman’s Saddles:

So horses can move as nature intended
So horses can move as nature intended

Equine Industry Needs Awareness 

The Heart of Florida Youth Ranch needs help from this community to continue with their equine program. In this program, eight horses live on property with the foster children. These horses teach the children wisdom, patience and self-control while also learning basic horsemanship skills and how to ride. These children can go on to careers within the equine industry with the knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

Most of these children are in foster care due to trafficking, drugs or sexual or physical abuse. Let’s help them continue this wonderful program. You can foster a horse in the program for only $95 per month. Visits, updates and progress are included in your foster fee paid to this 501c3. Please reach out to Brenda Corujo at 352-425-0709.

So horses can move as nature intended
So horses can move as nature intended
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