CrossFit vs Beachbody’s P90X

By Rick Savage

It’s January and many people will start a new year’s resolution to improve their physical fitness. This year I thought about opening up a debate on a timeless question that I am sure has been argued about in coffee shops, juice bars, internet chat rooms and across the dinner table. It’s similar to asking who is a better athlete: Michael Phelps swimming or Usain Bolt running. The question I want to put up for debate is–what is better: CrossFit or P90X?

The fundamentals behind the two programs are nothing new, they are actually hundreds of years old. The evolvement of the two is similar to how modern Mixed Martial Arts took ancient grappling and striking techniques and created a new competitive sports package called MMA. Both CrossFit and P90X take the concepts of taking different workouts and combining them into high intensity circuit training drills. Both CrossFit and P90X are first and foremost businesses, so their differences are mainly in the look and feel of the physical fitness routines and in the distribution of the end product. Just in case you are not familiar with the two programs I will indulge in some random history.

Crossfit History
The current CrossFit, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai. The CrossFit program is the brainchild of Greg Glassman who was a personal trainer during the 1970’s. Greg Glassman got his biggest boost in 1995 when the Santa Cruz, Ca. Police Department hired him as their head trainer to improve physical fitness. He also started his first CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz in 1995.

As Greg Glassman progressed as a personal trainer he found he could do more by training multiple clients at a time and they bonded by the camaraderie. His routine was to mix multiple disciplines using functional exercises to improve overall general preparedness. His cult like following led to a system of affiliated gyms called “boxes.”

The CrossFit games has been part of the culture since 2007. Winners are called “The Fittest on Earth”.

P90X History
P90X is owned by Beachbody, LLC which was co-founded by CEO Carl Daikeler, and President Jon Congdon in 1998. Fresh off of his success with “8-minute abs” Carl Daikeler secured $500,000 from 20 angel investors to start a new business without even having a product yet. He commissioned celebrity personal trainer Tony Horton to create what would become P90X. It was the idea, “build it and they will come.” P90X is an intense at home DVD workout routine that will whip one into shape in 90 days.

Team Beachbody—direct sales network marketing—was launched in 2007 to distribute the products. In 2015 Beachbody On Demand went live which offers their entire DVD catalog online as a streaming service. Their latest products include nutrition and gear.

Tale of the Tape


What is it and why do I want it?
CrossFit takes concepts that have been around for a long time and repackages it in a new and exciting lifestyle. Remember high school physics class and equations like: force = mass x acceleration (measured in Newtons); and work = force x distance (measured in Joules). Those are some of the quantifiable metrics. CrossFit focuses on what they call the core movements of life by training in functional exercises such as gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting, running, etc. Training is usually done as groups in gyms called “boxes”. They differentiate themselves from what some people call “globo gyms”. Urban dictionary defines a globo gym as a large franchise that focuses more on comfortable amenities than on performance results.

Now that I want it, how do I get it?
The best place to start to look is CrossFit’s website The CrossFit community has over 13,000 affiliates worldwide. A list of “boxes” in Ocala is provided below.

Unofficial Endorsement
Actor Chris Hemsworth used a CrossFit inspired workout to prepare for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.


What is it and why do I want it?
The goal of this product is to provide 12 high intensity workout routines in a DVD package that promises to take the average athlete and give them a ripped beachbody in 90 days. No gym or expensive equipment is required, just a 6×6 foot space and access to dumbells/resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and about an hour per day. The 12 exercises are: chest and back; plyometrics; shoulders and arms; yoga X; legs and back; kenpo X; X stretch; core synergistics; chest, shoulders and triceps; back and biceps; cardio X; and ab ripper X.

The Beachbody brand has gone on to include numerous other DVD workouts, nutrition products such as Shakeology, and gear such as the P90X pull-up bar.

Now that I want it, how do I get it?
Beachbody on Demand is an online distribution service. If you ever used Netflix, Amazon Prime or a gaming service like Steam you have the idea.

Unofficial Endorsement
Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave P90X a boost when he credited the workout for his fitness while Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012.

So which one is mightier?
Although both are physical fitness regimens they are still very different. The differences are like asking: would I be cooler being a truck guy or a sports car car guy? The result is really up to the end user and what their particular goals are. Both products have grown to be part of a very large ecosystem that is more than just physical fitness. The ecosystems include a lifestyle which provides a sense of belonging to something. If you prefer going to a physical gym and the camaraderie of group training then perhaps CrossFit is better for you. If you prefer training in your home and using the internet for training videos then maybe P90X and Beachbody are better. You can always try both and keep the parts that work the best.


Where to find CrossFit Boxes near Ocala, Fl.

CrossFit Iron Legion

Chalk’d Fitness

CrossFit Pinacle

CrossFit Antics

Crossfit Living

CrossFit Zoo

CrossFit 1088

Zone Health & Fitness CrossFit


Where to find Beachbody P90X products/coaches near Ocala, Fl.

Beachbody has grown to become primarily an online business, and the workouts are done in the home. P90X products can be purchased directly from Beachbody also sells through Certain package deals on “Beachbody on Demand” include Team Beachbody coaches that will be assigned to you and are available locally. Since Beachbody has a direct sales model (multi-level marketing) a Beachbody coach in your area may find you on a social media website or a local hangout. Om

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