Back to School, Now What? Get the Perfect Blonde

Cosmo Says…
The kids are getting back to school our tax free days are over and now what? Summer has had its way with our hair so now it’s time to take back some treatments. If you’ve read any of what we have been saying then you know it’s time to condition as it’s always time to do this. Planet Cosmo sculpting conditioner is now here so use it to feel and see the difference.

We have been working on our new line for some time and its here so come by check it out, mention the advice Colum and receive 30% off the set.
Let’s talk about those blondes that have faded, Color wash is the key ask your stylist or stop by Planet Cosmo Salons for consultations on what our designers think would make you look your best.

Trends for late summer in Florida are still blondes and Lauren has been the blonde stylist to so many happy clients getting their color up to the level of blonde they want. It takes a lot of effort to keep the blonde and a commitment to the time so if you’re thinking of blonde take the time to come by and see how much time and effort you will need before making that choice.

Planet Cosmo Salons has been responsible for many stylist and were they are in their career, so we continue to grow and work with top stylist to give you the styles that are trend but more important beautiful. Do you really think pink is good in your hair, next to gray, or even if it’s the bottom how classy is the new trend, we will let you make that choice and make sure it looks good on your skin tone. There is nothing better than having someone come up to you and asking who does your hair it looks beautiful.

The covers of magazines are mostly clean and simple not over worked but hair has the option for different styles. Keep styling and keep trying new looks and don’t forget to ask your stylist for tips and tricks.

Live well, God bless you and thanks for visiting the planet!

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