Ocala Magazine: Wedding Destinations Part 1 – Black Diamond Ranch

Ideal wedding destinations to begin your life journey together on the right foot.
Story by John Sotomayor and  Kelli Fuqua Hart

When you look into his eyes and declare your eternal love and devotion with those two magical words, “I do,” where do you see yourself? The memory will live forever, so the setting must be carefully thought out.

To find the ideal location for your wedding, you need to begin with two critical factors. First, you should select a location that is true to your personal dream wedding. Your wedding should reflect your personality, so the setting should be the one that is best suited to fulfill the dream.

Second, the setting should be timelessly meaningful. Is the setting more meaningful on a green, grassy hill with lush trees as the backdrop? Or do you prefer a shoreline, overlooking a vast body of serene, peaceful water? Or perhaps you prefer an indoor wedding. Is it traditional, with heavenly light beams offset by romantic shadow among classic symbolism? Or is it contemporary, with modern, stylish architecture and decor? Once that determination is made, work with a professional to find your ideal place. The ideal place should be a destination that offers everything you are looking for towards the wedding, itself, plus all of the accommodations that go along with it for the ultimate experience for the bride and groom as well as the entire wedding party.

We have gathered a sampling of ideal wedding destinations in our local area that would serve as the ideal location for the special day. Your tastes vary, so thus does our collection. We have gathered indoor settings, such as a fine art museum that houses both historic and contemporary collections for scenic backdrops, ideal for the sophisticated, cultured couple, and a boutique hotel that offers the ultimate in high fashion. For those who prefer outdoors, we provide a traditional Floridian plantation setting off a gorgeous river and bay, as well as a world-renowned golf course with stunning, picturesque views of a limestone quarry with 80-foot cliffs. They are each unique settings for the wedding that would surely be remembered forever by all who attend.

Black Diamond

Ocala Magazine Wedding Destinations Black Diamond
Black Diamond Ranch


Nestled between 100-year-old oaks and beneath towering pines, Black Diamond Ranch is exquisite in every way. From the newly redesigned clubhouse to the lush view from the veranda, brides and their guests are sure to lose their breath in the majesty that is Black Diamond.

Imagine a natural backdrop made up of Florida limestone quarries, with their sheer 80-foot cliffs that plunge into a glistening lake. Or picture a scenic view of the world famous Quarry Holes of Black Diamond, set amongst a romantic skyline and swaying silhouettes. Some couples may choose an indoor event that will take place inside the Black Diamond clubhouse, elegantly designed with the timelessness of a Scottish club and mirroring the relaxed warmth of a New England inn.

Nowhere else in Florida has what Black Diamond has to offer. Having been rated in the top 100 golf courses in the country and rated number one golf course community in Florida, their highly trained and knowledgeable staff guarantees your event will be “fully customized to represent your individual individuality and style.”

Black Diamond’s executive chef leads the charge to culinary excellence in a kitchen where everything is prepared from scratch, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. The professional catering staff works hand-in-hand with each couple to create custom menus that range from buffet-style options to formal, plated dinners. From an intimate gathering of a few, to weddings of 100-plus attendees, Black Diamond seeks perfection on each plate and diligently works with their client to ensure a delectable dining experience.

Because many outside vendors are involved in each event, Black Diamond’s event coordinator, Robin Yates, not only works directly with each of her bridal parties, but as a liaison between her brides and their chosen vendors. Yates coordinates with her highly prolific and talented team to ensure that when her brides see their venue after it has all come together; she is in awe of its perfection and beauty.

Black Diamond’s event team realizes that your wedding day is the most exciting day of your life and one that requires very special planning and organization. Their staff is trained, experienced and kept up-to-date on the latest trends and wedding styles. They will not rest until each detail of your day is executed flawlessly.

So, whether you opt for a western themed event, a magical evening dripping in sparkle or a simple, traditional white wedding, let the award-winning staff of Black Diamond Ranch be your guide through a journey filled with all of the splendor and beauty of the most romantic and memorable time of your life.

For more information on Black Diamond Ranch, please contact Robin Yates, Event Coordinator at 352.746.3440 or visit them on the web at www.Blackdiamondranch.com.

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