The 1890’s Teague House

Information provided by the city of ocala and HOPS (the Historic Ocala Preservation Society)

Built in 1890 at 917 Silver Springs Boulevard, the house was originally known as the residence of Annie and Frank Teague, a prominent businessman in Ocala, Marion County. Mr. Teague was known as a pioneer in Ocala’s phosphate industry. The Teague family purchased the property in March of 1890 from H. L. Anderson, a Director of the Ocala Building and Loan Company for $2,000. The property was later sold in 1900 to John Kenyon of Rhode Island for $1,600 and in 1903 the house was bought by Francis Howse for $3,500. However, the historic property is primarily known and of significance for its association to Frank Teague.

Frank Teague was educated at Furman University of which afterward he became a cotton planter in South Carolina. He moved to Ocala in 1884 and was a merchant and involved with his brother in real estate. Teague was a pioneer of the Marion County Phosphate Industry in a partnership with John F. Dunn.

He owned extensive properties and land along with citrus groves. He held such titles as being President of the Ocala City Council, Ocala Fire Chief, President of The Ocala Company, a major real estate development firm, Secretary of the Dunnellon Phosphate Company, Director of the Bank of Brooksville, Owner of the Teague & Company Drug Store, and Owner of the real estate firm of Teague & Company.

917 Silver Springs Boulevard is one of the best examples of the Queen Anne Style, originally developed in England and similar to the Colonial Revival Style, which became popular in the United States following its introduction at the 1876 Centennial Exposition. The Queen Anne Style of architecture is essentially limited to residential design as most are frame construction with an exterior fabric of weatherboard or drop siding, while using extensive wrap around verandas and generous use of specially designed wood trim. The Queen Anne 1890’s home portrays a variety of exquisite detailing and beautiful columns of every type including turned, scroll, friezes, and brackets. Similar homes can still be found with fine examples of the style at 725 Silver Springs Boulevard and at 507 NE 8th Avenue.

In the 1950’s, the 1890 (Teague) House was converted into a restaurant and quickly became a popular eating place in Ocala. It was owned and operated by A.J. MacKay and D. Campbell families. Since then, it has had several other owners, while maintaining its restaurant’s upscale and elegant ambiance with well-known owners. In recent years, the 1890’s house brought forth several of the most highly-rated Chefs and award-winning owners of restaurants, known both here and throughout Florida. Two of those owners and managers that are included have been Loren and Marge Felix, now owner of The Fiery Chef and Mimi Hale, Founder and Owner of 3 Ivy House restaurants, now owned and operated fully by family, namely as Evelyn Hale Nussel and Waica Micheletti and other family members that are involved. They have now relocated in Ocala to two other historic buildings, as Ivy on The Square and Ivy Boutique, with the original and other location still doing business in Williston, Florida and their B&B which is in Alachua Florida.

The beautiful and well-designed historic 1890’s house remains one of the most sought-after locations and buildings in Ocala and one that has a varied and interesting history regarding both residential and commercial stories, including at times, being listed on the historic Ghost Tours.  Maybe Frank Teague is still ‘active’ in Ocala?

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