Super Bowls

By Robin Fannon of RSVP Robin

Eating a healthy diet during this historic worldwide health crisis is of the upmost importance. We are so blessed to live in a country where, even in the direst of situations, we have an abundance of fresh food available. I have long been an advocate of preparing the majority of meals at home, thereby limiting the amount of fast food consumed by the family. Flooding our bodies with nutrients, and in particular antioxidants, helps to boost our immune systems to ward off influenza and viruses. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best (and most delicious) way to accomplish this.

Buddha and smoothie bowls are a great way to up your essential nutrients game. Not only are they packed with delicious fiber and antioxidants, they are also fun and delicious! It’s a creative way to reinvent leftovers for a new and exciting meal. Get the kids involved and let them personalize and create their own bowls. If you enjoy having a morning smoothie like I do, smoothie fatigue can set in. Smoothie bowls are a great alternative and can actually fill you up for several hours.  Regardless of whether you are vegetarian, vegan or on a high protein plan, you can incorporate all your favorites. Here is a basic guideline of ingredients to try.


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