Playing By Faith

By Joshua Jacobs

Not many musical artist can capture your attention like Ocala’s newest rising star, Hannah Matos. Though she is young, her voice reminds you of a time gone by and her lyrics give you a sense of wonderment and longing that only faith could fulfill.

For someone so young, your voice carries so much weight and timelessness to it. Where does that come from?

I think what influences that is the kind of music I listen to. I listen to so many different styles of music but what attracts me to specific genres or artists is the emotion that is portrayed through their voice, lyrics or melodies. I suppose it’s just natural for me to emulate what inspires me the most.

Where did your passion for music begin? 

In 2008, when I moved to Ocala, I didn’t have many friends and there wasn’t much to do so I picked up the guitar and would try to play all of the songs I listened to. When I started high school, I joined music classes and started developing my passion for singing.

Which artists have influenced you the most as you’ve grown as a musician?

When I first started singing and playing, Colbie Caillat, Kina Grannis, and Sara Bareilles were my biggest inspirations. Throughout the years, my list has expanded to Tori Kelly, JoJo, Catie Turner, Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Grant, and Lauren Daigle.

As amazing as your voice is, your guitar and piano skills are just as impressive! Do you have a favorite instrument?

It’s hard to choose a favorite but I guess I’ll have to go with the bass. I love a good bassline. I wish I would have put more time into learning the bass.

What other instruments can you play? 

Guitar and piano are pretty much the only instruments I play. In high school, I played cello, upright bass, and some percussion but that stayed in high school.

As a songwriter, what do you want to convey with your lyrics?

I really want to write and sing about things that matter. I want to move people with my lyrics and write songs that everyone can relate to on some level.

When writing a song, what comes first for you; melody or words?

Most of the time the melody comes first but sometimes I’ll get an idea of the main lyrics first and base the rest of the song around them.

As a relatively newcomer to the Ocala music scene, what is one thing you hope to see very soon in the community that could help you and others like you grow and flourish?

I would love to see more places that are dedicated to live music for artists to play at rather than just bars and restaurants. Maybe specific events for up and coming artists to share their music. I don’t know a lot about the Ocala music scene, but this is what I have gathered in the time I have been exposed to it.

What attracts you to the lifestyle of a singer/songwriter? 

Honestly, I can’t say the lifestyle itself attracts me. I just realize that God has given me the gift of singing and songwriting, and it is my responsibility to share that with people.

How would you like to use your platform as a musician?

I want to make a difference and not just blend in. With my music, I want to use my talent to build up God’s Kingdom. 

To listen to Hannah’s music follow her on her Instagram account

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