MOVIE NIGHT “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)”

Film-maker, Anne Welles’, “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)” takes a BIG BITE out of Ocala’s entertainment district; with its 11/30/17 red carpet screening, held at the Ocala Marion Theatre.

Written by: Brody Barcode
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December 21st, 2017

Following the historic Ocala Marion Theatre red carpet screening of film-maker, Anne Welles’, “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)”, Ocala Magazine’s (Brody Barcode) was able to once again catch-up with Anne Welles; along with a handful of “AAZNT” key players to conclude his 3rd/final article on the comedy – horror – romance.
Since the filming of “AAZNT” began, back in May-2017, I’ve had the incredible opportunity of being able to keep in touch with film-maker, Anne Welles. During the shooting of “AAZNT”, I also had the privilege of interviewing a few of Anne’s cast members, such as: Kane Hodder, Naomi Grossman, Sandi McCree, Tim Brennen, and Gary Anthony Williams; as well as the executive producer of the film, Chris Peuler. As of today, I have received numerous statements from people within the Ocala community, who in a most amazing fashion, rallied behind Anne Welles; to help bring her “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)” to life on the big screen.

“I loved the script and how kooky and funny it was. It was so out there and so original… I loved the overall message behind the film, which is just accepting and embracing who you are, and loving yourself.”
– Cameron McKendry / “AAZNT” (Ted)
“We are very appreciative of Anne Welles for bringing her (Accidental Zombie project) to Ocala. Through this process many people active in the movie industry now know where Ocala is and the advantages of making a film here. The red carpet screening was a fun event for Ocala. The historic Marion Theatre was full with many people that had a part in the movie. The film was well done. Actors did a great job and it was FUNNY! Anne Welles is to be commended for her hard work writing, producing, and directing this movie. Job well done by her and the actors she introduced to Ocala.”
– Gerald Ergle / Former Mayor of Ocala

“I love Anne – she’s a great artist with a passion for her work, but moreover for people. I was thrilled the first time she submitted a film to Silver Springs International Film Festival and happier still when I saw it was accepted and I could program it. I had bragged to her endlessly about the festival, Ocala and Silver Springs, and all the people there I so dearly love. Anne and others like her – Mr. PC and Jacob Jacobowitz and their winning team from the festival’s (JUMP/CUT Film Challenge), Bronson & Darian Mosely and Alex Moy prove that Ocala is a place of real potential. And Anne showed the community, not only how photogenic the area is, but how viable film production is and always has been, since Bruce Mozart took the first underwater pictures in her beautiful springs. This is exactly why the SSIFF and the Ocala Film Foundation exists – to support and grow what is and can be a powerful economic driver for the region, with Ocala / Silver Springs as its hub.”
– Greg Thompson /
Silver Springs International Film Festival, Director

“I met Anne Welles during the Silver Springs International Film Festival through a mutual friend, Greg Thompson. She needed a
place to stay for a couple of days while researching the area and we offered her a spare room in our home. I was lucky enough to be invited to appear in “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)”; in a bit part. I even had one line! Anne was so excited to be able to film her movie in and around Ocala. The community came together to make that a reality for her. Hopefully that will increase interest for other film-makers to come to Ocala. Watching the very first public showing of her movie on the big screen at the Marion Theatre was surreal. The red carpet event brought a little bit of Hollywood glam to our little town.”

– Laura Bradford
“Anne Welles invited us into her dream called, “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)”. Ocala stepped into it and held on! Wow! What a ride! From the smallest shop to the finest restaurant, so many people and businesses got involved. My business, Face the Day Spa and Salon had sponsored with supportive services; such as meals, lodging, airport runs, and props for the set. We all did our part. I am so proud of our little / big town. The red carpet screening was a blast! It was like a family reunion with all of our favorite new relatives. Of course locals were there, but people came in from Japan, Seattle, N.Y., Miami, L.A., and even North Dakota; just to sit in our historic Marion Theater and celebrate. As well as laugh together. That happened here! I’m blessed to be a part of it.”
– Dottie Rathel /
Face the Day Spa and Salon, Owner

“It’s difficult to fully express how excited we all are for Anne and what she has accomplished. I’ll never forget the time Anne said, “I am making a film about a boy named Ted, who’s in denial about being a Zombie.” When she told me about her feature film, it was obvious she had a much bigger vision than the short film we had all just viewed during the Silver Springs International Film Fest. What happened over the following two years is a sign of true passion and grit. After hearing from many of us in Ocala about what a great place it would be to shoot her movie, Anne set a goal to film her first feature here in Ocala and succeeded. It’s been amazing to watch this all come together from * fundraising, casting, location, editing and then the final screening of “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)”. The best part is that the film is really good. Anne’s movie and the City of Ocala are on the film circuit and the best is yet to come. As President of the Ocala Film Foundation, we could not be happier. Anne’s movie fits right into our mission of brining the film industry back to Marion County. Anne is a great advocate for our community and there will be more to come.”
– Angie Lewis /
Ocala Film Foundation, President

“The red carpet screening of “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)” drew city leaders, including the mayor, city manager & council members, locals who had been involved in the filming, producers, crew members, department heads, and also stars like Kane Hodder, Naomi Grossman, and Sandi McCree; who flew in from Los Angeles…

As the crowds lined up in front of the Marion Theater for the red carpet walk, everyone got a chance to have their photos taken; many with stars they had come a long way to see. One example of this is Daryle Koltay, who drove many hours with his family just to see his favorite star, Naomi Grossman. Naomi played a character named Pepper in “American Horror Story”, who had microcephaly; the same neurological condition Daryle suffers from…

One of the things the audience picked up on from the movie was the underlying heart in the story. At its core, “AAZNT” is a film about self-acceptance and love…

Producers of “AAZNT” are actively seeking distribution for the movie now. They hope to be able to announce a distribution deal early in 2018; and once that happens, the public will be able to purchase DVDs and or watch the film in their homes!”

– Anne Welles /
Writer, Director, Producer

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