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Top 10 Reasons to Join the Military

  1. Education. College costs are soaring, leaving many without an opportunity to go. The military offers opportunities like Tuition Assistance (TA) and the Montgomery G.I. Bill.
  2. Money. Great pay for entry level work plus no costs for meals or room and board.
  3. Medical Coverage. For most civilians, no insurance. For military personnel, no annual fees, deductibles or co-pays.
  4. Career. A job where you can stay, grow and be rewarded. After 20 years, eligible for retirement benefits, yet young enough to work elsewhere and still collect!
  5. Travel. The military has installations all over the world and not only pay you and your family to get there but will ship all of your belongings too. Off-duty time is your time to see the world!
  6. Camaraderie. A sense of belonging and friendship second to none. The individuals you know will do anything to protect you and you in turn would do the same for them. That sets military people apart from any other in the world.
  7. Direction. For those who are not sure what they want to do after high school, the military offers people a place to get some experience and figure out what they want to do in life.
  8. Real World Skills. Many employers not only want you to have a skill but to have actual experience using it. Many military jobs directly convert to civilian ones.
  9. Honor. For some, they do not need any other reason to join the military that to give back to this great nation.
  10. Just Because. Then there are those whose reasons cannot be labeled or quantified. They may be motivated to work with the latest non-commercial technology, or work on a bomb squad, or on a billion dollar aircraft. Or simply work on something no one else can do. These reasons are priceless.

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