Food as Art – Sometimes, it really does look too good to eat!

Food as art 2020


















The culinary arts and presentation of food has long been considered a legitimate art form. It is a creative process that requires knowledge, patience, skill and talent. Toiling in the kitchen feeds the soul and provides one with creative, artistic satisfaction the same way it does for any artist creating in a studio. It also serves as an expression of love to family and friends, with the added bonus of  providing nourishment for our bodies. 

Food As Art 2020

















Gretchen Röehrs

Gretchen Röehrs is a San Francisco based painter and illustrator who has been profiled and featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Cherry Bomb Magazine, The Guardian and many others. Many of her delightfully, whimsical fashion illustrations incorporate the use of food and flowers. In 2018 Rizzoli published her first book titled “Edible Ensembles.”


















These food-themed mood boards are created with random objects that may have no other connection to each other except for the color palette. Some inspiration comes from a particular recipe and it’s ingredients. There is a talented community of food artists out there to discover and we have put together a sample of these amazing creatives. Their work is original, whimsical, and exploding with beautiful color. Open up your mind to exploring this unique art form. Just be sure to bring your appetite along with you on the journey. 

















David Allen Burns and Austin Young

David Allen Burns and Austin Young of “Fallen Fruit” fame began in Los Angeles by creating city maps of fruit trees growing on public property.  It has grown into art installations, photographic portraits and documentary videos. As their website explains,  “We believe everyone is a collaborator in making something special – even the stranger or passerby. We believe that artwork has a resonant effect. Fruit is a universal gift to humanity and fruit is always political.” 

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