Brandon and Adiya Hauge

Date of wedding: 01.08.2022

Bride hometown: Ocala, FL
Groom hometown: Ocala, FL
Parents of Groom: Tammy Albright and Eric Hauge
Parents of Bride: Leah Dennis and Nathan Lemons
Photography: Lifelong Photography Studio
Ring: Zales (groom) Guy jeweler(Brides)
Floral: Graceful Gardener

Brandon and Adiya Hauge Wedding - together

Venue: Protea Wedding and Events
How we met: High school
Engaged: April 24th 2021 at Sholom park
Honeymoon: Kahari Resort in George Town, Bahamas
Hair: Ali Truluck
Makeup: by Steph Moser
Unusual Happenings: Our nana was our flower girl (Patricia Hyatt) and our grandpa was our ring bearer (Mel lemons)!

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