A New Pulse on Urban Cardiology

Written By Ida Mae Cunningham
Photography By Chris Redd

Phil is a healthy man in his early 50s. He enjoyed his brisk walks to work each day and looked forward to the opportunity to soak up the world around him as he strolled to the office. One spring morning, Phil noticed that his walks were becoming slightly painful and felt, not only pain in the back of his legs, but some chest pains and shortness of breath. Phil’s pain and suffering became increasingly worse the more and longer he walked. Phil had no known illness or disease and was of a normal, healthy weight.

Samantha is a new mom in her mid-30s. In an effort to shed some baby weight and get back in shape, Samantha hired a personal trainer and began a rigorous workout routine. A few weeks into her program, Samantha noticed a tightening in her chest. Sometimes the tightening was so bad, it would interrupt her session. Samantha was an runner in high school and had always maintained a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Bernadette is a retired teacher in her early 70s. Her life was what some would call “stressful,” dealing with 2nd graders for over 35 years. Bernadette also loved to bake and her hobby was somewhat responsible for her full-figure. A few years back, Bernadette suffered a minor heart attack and has since had to maintain a more active lifestyle and governed diet. She realizes her age and medical history put her at risk for future heart complications and is now maintaining regular check-ups in combination with healthy lifestyle choices.

Three people of varying age, weight, health and lifestyles, yet they all have one very important thing in common. Each of these individuals sought out the knowledge and expertise of the skilled staff at Urban Cardiology – and it saved their lives.

Cardiologists Paul Urban and Premranjan P. Singh, along with Nurse Practitioners Denise Raychok, Myriam Alexander and Matt Morgan and Physician Assistant Eddice Companion, offer their clients a comprehensive list of cardiovascular and venous procedures and testing.

With the addition of Dr. Singh, Urban Cardiology is now able to offer services to treat venous conditions, artery disease, edema, leg swelling and fatigue, varicose veins and non-healing leg ulcers amongst other venous and vascular conditions.

Remember Phil? His walks to work would have ultimately become impossible and his health likely to deteriorate had it not been for a simple, non-invasive procedure conducted by Dr. Singh. Likewise, Phil was able to resolve both his venous and cardiovascular issues all within the same practice versus having to see multiple physicians.

Additionally, the Urban Cadiology team can help get your heart beating normally through corrections such as pacemakers and stenting.
Likewise, patients with stress concerns, hypertension and other cardiac disease can rest assured knowing their heart is in the hands of qualified, skilled specialist that make health a priority.

New mom Samantha took a proactive approach to her heart health by consulting Dr. Urban at the first sign of cardiovascular concern. Far too often, individuals get to know their cardiologist only after some serious health event or problematic symptoms appear. It’s typically the belief that one doesn’t need to consult a cardiologist until they are up in age or at risk of heart disease.

Being proactive is one great way to ensure heart healthiness. This means starting an early routine, like Samantha, getting to know your heart and building a relationship with your cardiologist before it becomes critically necessary. After a simple stress test, Samantha is able to exercise safely, understanding and managing her physical limitations.

The continuum of care offered by Urban Cardiology is critical to the friendly staff who prides themselves on patient relations. “What sets Urban Cardiology apart from other practices is the continuity of the care we provide to our patients,” explains Singh.

From the initial office visit to the cath lab to their hospital procedures and post-operation follow-ups, patients of Urban and Singh can start at Urban Cardiology and keep the same physician throughout the entire process. Rather than being passed from physician to physician, Urban Cardiology patients can feel confident in the relationship they build with their cardiologist, knowing they can count on them from beginning to end.

Retired teacher Bernadette happened upon Urban Cardiology after having her first heart attack. She was pleased to know that after discharge from the hospital, she was able to continue care with Drs. Urban and Singh and the nurse practitioners there. Bernadette’s follow-ups and wellness checks are supervised by a staff she knows and trusts and now she is able to avoid the hectic traffic east of I-75 by scheduling her appointments at the new West Marion location. One less stress for Bernadette.

Now with the opening of their second location at West Marion Hospital, patients can literally see their physician without having to ever drive past I-75. Those who live west of the interstate can schedule appointments at the new West Marion location, while those living east of the interstate can continue their care in town.

Phil, Samantha and Bernadette represent a larger group of individuals that understand the importance of heart health and who trust the skill and expertise of Urban Cardiology. In addition to being accomplished cardiologists, both Urban and Singh are family men. Both have a wife and children they adore, love to travel and are collectors and hobbyists. They understand the importance of relationships and treat their patients and their patient’s families like they are their own.
Whether you are looking to be proactive about your venous and vascular health or are in need of a cardiologist for critical health concerns, the proficient team at Urban Cardiology is waiting to meet you.

Like Urban Cardiology on Facebook so you can take part in a 28 Days of heart health CHALLENGE:

  1. Take a 10-20 minute Walk
  2. Yoga
  3. Go for a swim.
  4. Hit the trail on your bicycle or jump on a stationary one
  5. Kick it up a notch by jogging to fun music
  6. Dance to your health with a Zumba class or party for a party of one in your living room
  7. Hydrate
  8. Stretch
  9. Yoga
  10. Meditate
  11. Take a long bath to unwind
  12. Read a book
  13. Get a massage
  14. Eat dark chocolate
  15. Eat fresh fruit
  16. Drink fresh brewed green tea
  17. Replace unhealthy snacks with a handful of nuts
  18. Eat more veggies
  19. Cook with Garlic
  20. Eat fish
  21. Skip the frying pan – bake, broil, boil, grill or poach meat, fish and poultry
  22. Cook with olive oil
  23. Laugh out loud
  24. Hang out with friends that make you smile
  25. Play with your pet. Just remember to…
  26. Wash your hands often. Protect yourself from the flu, pneumonia and other illnesses that can affect your heart.
  27. Call Urban Cardiology and make an appointment. We’ll be waiting.
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