40 Under Forty: Marko Avramovic

Marko Avramovic age 35

Operations Manager / Old Dominion Freight Lines

What word did you choose and why? 

I chose the word ‘influence’ because anyone can have it. Influence does not require a title or degree and does not need to be extra complicated. A simple smile can influence the day of another. We are constantly being watched by our peers. The way we act and react in different areas of life speak greater volumes to those watching you and when you want to see a change in the world, your actions have a greater influence than words.

Aspirations in the next 40 years?

I want to go where I am called to go. I would like to say I know for sure that I have everything methodically planned out but I don’t. I hope that in 40 years I am spending my time retired and traveling, creating memories with my family, being active in the church and community that we are called to be in and just taking advantage of every day that I am given.

Favorite way to give back to the community and why?

Honestly, the prison ministry would be my favorite. It is amazing to see these guys, learn their heart, and watch them grow. I am humbled by them and more appreciative of the things that I have and the opportunities that have opened up for me. After meeting with them and hearing their struggles and their praises, I have found myself even more grateful for each day that I get to wake up.

What do you love about Ocala?

I love that Ocala is a big city with a small town feel. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Albums and movies on a deserted island?

I would have to say Chris Tomlin’s Love Ran Red is one album I never could get tired of and the “Rocky” movies or “Back to The Future” — you can’t beat the classics!

You never leave home without:

I never leave home without my phone (lol). It is needed for work, of course, but I like that on my drive home I can talk to my dad who is on the road, or talk with my brother and sister and celebrate their achievements with them and check in on my mom, although I still give her a hard time to keep her young.

To my 16-year-old self:

Never change and never quit. The path that you are on now may feel hard sometimes but the end rewards far exceed the struggles of today. Keep going! 

Anything else you are passionate about:

My faith and my family. If I have those two things in my life I have more than I could ever want. The successes I have experienced could never have been possible without my faith and the support of my family, and if I were to lose it all, I would still consider myself a rich man.

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