40 Under Forty: Jeff Roach

Name: Jeff Roach

Age: 33

Title/Company or main life pursuit: Jeff Roach Photography

What is your word and why did you choose it? Visionary. I chose the word ‘visionary’ because I am always creatively looking ahead. My brain is always running and thinking of new creative projects to start. 

What aspirations do you have for yourself in the next 40 years? I really just want to take photos that give people a sense of meaning. They look at them and remember the time and place that they were in that moment of life. 

Favorite way to give back to the community? Investing in the youth, because they are the future. 

What do you love and/or hate about the Ocala area? I love that Ocala is starting to appreciate the arts and artists more, but I still think there is a long way to go. 

A few albums and movies you’d bring to a deserted island?

Movies – “Remember the Titans,” “Onward” and “That Thing You Do.”  

Albums – Astroworld by Travis Scott, Blonde by Frank Ocean and The 1975 by The 1975.

You never leave home without: My camera

If you could tell your 16-year-old self one thing: Times will get tough, but you need to keep moving forward. 

Anything else you’re super passionate about that you’d like to tout: I am also the co-owner of a Creative Design company called The Creative Pretzel with my good friend Joshua Jacobs.

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