40 Under 40 – Part 7

Presenting this year’s group of dynamic 40 under 40 movers and shakers who have made and are poised to continue to make a significant impact on the future of our region, thanks to their many talents, interests and passions.
Compiled and location conception and arrangement by: John Sotomayor
Photographed by: Chris Redd

Dan Martone, 38
Radio Station Owner/Operator, WOCA The Source 1370 AM/96.3 FM

Noteworthy business accomplishment: Taking WOCA Radio from AM daytime only, to a 24 hour, AM & FM News Talk Station while still keeping it local for Ocala to enjoy Noteworthy personal accomplishment: I could say working on my pilots license, or having a part in some major movies, or even being recognized here Proudest moment: I was in the right place at the right time to save a life Ocala connection: Destiny, actually. Ocala was not on the radar; in the very last moments of negotiations, in another city, Ocala appeared and the pieces fell into place Playlist: News Talk, of Course! Strengths: Determination, Optimism, creativity Guilty pleasures: Flying, golfing, theme parks, birthday cake How would I improve Ocala: Convention Center, Movie Industry, Tech Hub, Airline Anything else: I believe in progression. I believe we should ask ourselves every day, how can I make the world a better place, and then take steps towards doing that.

Ema Sexton, 22
Nursing Student, singer/musician

About me: I was born into the arts and stayed with them ever since. I have passion for music and composing songs. I’m awkward, silly and not afraid to be myself at any given time Noteworthy business accomplishment: My younger sister, Victoria. While in nursing school, I taught private music lessons. She picked up the guitar, opened her mouth and beautiful music was made Noteworthy personal accomplishment: My one-year-old daughter, Summer Playlist: Minus the Bear, Tides of Man, Memphis May Fire, City and Colour, Bayside, Nora Jones and more Last book: “The Shack” by William P. Young Strengths: My drive, my ability to find the good in everything, my ears Guilty pleasures: Bubble baths and a nice bottle of pinot noir How would I improve Ocala: Open more art and music venues Historical figure I most identify with: Joni Mitchell In 5 years: In Kentucky with my guitar in my hand (possibly a record deal) and my RN degree on the wall.

Angela Grace, 39
Real Estate Appraiser, owner of Grace Appraisal Services

About me:  Ambassador – CEP, ELO member, participate in numerous charity golf tournaments, secretary – Ocala Sunset Rotary Club, member – OMCAR Noteworthy business accomplishment: Owning my own business Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Running the DC Marine Corps Marathon, obtaining my MBA  Proudest moment: Watching my daughter Taylor Grace grow – she is amazing!!
Ocala connection: My Parents Live in Ocala. I moved here in 1998 when my daughter started kindergarten, and stayed because of the wonderful people I have meet over the years Playlist: 101.9 Last book: “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” Steve Harvey Strengths: Reliable, determined, persistent, loving, hard-working, generous Ocala’s best kept secret: Kim at Austin James Salon & Jeff Taylor’s European Car Clinic Favorite food: Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar – Yum!! Favorite TV show: “Scandal” and “Revenge” Favorite sport: Golf, of course Favorite drink: My Cosmo at Mark’s Greatest extravagance: My convertible My motto: If you don’t ask, you don’t get Luxury is: Happy Hour with my friends.

Eric Fabian, 34
Contractor, Fabian Dinkins Construction

Noteworthy business accomplishment: I have been able to run projects at Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios Noteworthy personal accomplishment: I coach youth sports (baseball and football) and I have been able to coach both of my sons’ teams to Florida State Championships in baseball Proudest moment: Professionally, it would have to be passing the state exam to get my contractor’s license. Personally, it has to be marrying the love of my life and the births of our two boys Ocala connection: I was born here and have never lived anywhere else Last book: The Bible Guilty pleasures: I love hot sauces. Sampling them, collecting them – anything really Favorite electronic device: My phone, far and away! Favorite food: Anything Mexican Favorite TV show: Duck Dynasty, JACK! Perfect happiness: Doing just about anything with my wife and boys! Greatest extravagance: My reef aquarium My motto: Treat everyone with respect Ocala needs a: sports franchise.

Jeremy Applegate, 38
Certified Public Accountant, Duggan, Joiner & Company

About me: I recently made partner at my accounting firm. I have over 13 years experience in public practice providing tax, accounting, and business advisory services Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Church leadership and children’s church program development Proudest moment: The birth of my kids Life-changing event, moment or revelation: The day that my amazing wife of 19 years agreed to marry me Playlist: Casting Crowns, John Melloncamp, Creed, Steve Miller Band Last book: “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey Favorite sport: Florida Football, Go Gators! A drink with one person, dead or alive: My grandfather. He developed Alzheimers when I was a very young boy. He was a minister and touched many lives before he got sick Perfect happiness: Christmas morning with my family My motto: Love God, Love Others Ocala needs: an indoor trampoline park! Save the: manatees! Name one person in Ocala I most admire: Keith Mitchell, Youth Pastor of College Park Church.

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