40 Under 40 – Part 5

Presenting this year’s group of dynamic 40 under 40 movers and shakers who have made and are poised to continue to make a significant impact on the future of our region, thanks to their many talents, interests and passions.
Compiled and location conception and arrangement by: John Sotomayor
Photographed by: Chris Redd

Daniel Sosa, 26
Co-Founder @ Ocoos.com

About me: My business partners at Ocoos and I think differently and believe small businesses can be on an level playing field if technology can focus on making them powerful and efficient and not just visible Noteworthy business accomplishment: Co-founding Ocoos.com an amazing web startup with a mission to provide the latest cloud technologies in package available to the masses Proudest moment: 2011- SEC Hockey Player of he Year Playlist: The Dunwells Last book: Steve Jobs Guilty pleasures: Nutella Ocala’s best kept secret: Santo’s Trails and the Farmer’s Market Favorite electronic device: My Macbook Favorite sport: Hockey Favorite drink: Carrot Juice How would I improve Ocala: More entrepreneurial passion, and more open to technology Perfect happiness: Great family, lots of fitness, Ocoos.com success Art or science: Science, it fuels progression of society Luxury is: not important Ocala needs a: Rock Climbing Gym Save the: Planet I never leave home without: my gym bag One person in Ocala I most admire: Rahul Razdan.

Ryan McCabe, 25
Co-Founder of Ocoos.com/Entrepreneur

Noteworthy business accomplishment: Ocoos.com was created from the ground up right here in Ocala. Since incorporation 2 years ago, we have built a team of extremely talented people Ocala connection: I was born and raised in Leesburg. I attended the University of Florida for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees where I met Rahul Razdan and Daniel Sosa. It was during my Master’s program that Ocoos was formed Life-changing event, moment or revelation: In 2011, I was involved in wakeboarding accident where I came close to losing my right leg. It showed me how quickly your life can change unexpectedly Last book: “Drunk Tank Pink” by Adam Alter Favorite sport: Golf A drink with one person, dead or alive: My Grandpa Shorty, I have heard a lot of stories about the man and I would like to get his view on them Perfect happiness: Peace of mind with everything you do and say Person in Ocala I most admire: Rahul Razdan.

Malak Fakhoury, 18

Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Making the decision to wear the Islamic headscarf in a post 9/11 world that doesn’t understand the beauty of my religion Ocala connection: Was born in Ocala Regional Life-changing event, moment or revelation: When I was twelve, I attended a seminar where I heard a story, the lesson of which, confirmed my identity. The story is too long to repeat here, but the lesson was to be a servant of God, your actions must be selfless. The story opened my eyes that God is The Most Merciful, The All Aware, and I wanted to be His servant out of my undying gratitude for His Compassion and Kindness Playlist: The recitation of the Qur’an.  Last book: “Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini Strengths: I am sensitive to people’s feelings, and work well in groups Favorite movie: “Remember the Titans” My motto: God willing, everything will be all right Anything else: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix

Jamie Amir, 34

About me: I am a periodontist, dental implant surgeon, classical guitarist, rock guitarist, father and husband Noteworthy business accomplishment: Working in the job I love under the same roof as my identical twin brother Simon Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Being a father to 2 beautiful girls Playlist: Mozart and Metallica Last book: “The Evolution of the Human Head” by Daniel E. Lieberman Strengths: I can rock out some classic Metallica guitar riffs and I do some pretty cool gum surgeries Weaknesses: I can’t hide how I feel about something very well Guilty pleasures: Five Guys burgers Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation Favorite sport: Soccer Favorite drink: Coppola Merlot A drink with one person, dead or alive: James Hetfield (Metallica singer/guitarist) Luxury is: tempurpedic slippers in the winter Save the: planet Anything else: Look up some of my Metallica guitar solo covers on YouTube! Simon and I are in a Metallica cover band that will be playing in Ocala sometime soon.

Simon Amir, 34 (and 4 minutes older than that other guy)

About me: Made lots of patients happy by treating them with an intense commitment to excellence, comfort and fairness. I take seriously addressing and treating the causes as well as the effects of my patients’ dental disease. I confuse people every day at work who think I’m my twin brother! Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Recording several compositions of my own where I played every instrument Playlist: “Travel with Rick Steves” podcasts and Opeth (Swedish rock band) Last book: “Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain” Strengths: Empathy for others, demanding the best from myself and others. Lightning-fast fingers on the fretboard of my guitar Weaknesses: Liking cake more than I should, being a dentist and all Ocala’s best kept secret: the free laughing gas at our office! A drink with one person, dead or alive: Seth McFarlane My motto: The purpose of life is to be happy. The way to be happy is to make others so.

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