40 Under 40 – Part 4

Presenting this year’s group of dynamic 40 under 40 movers and shakers who have made and are poised to continue to make a significant impact on the future of our region, thanks to their many talents, interests and passions.
Compiled and location conception and arrangement by: John Sotomayor
Photographed by: Chris Redd

Brie Seltser, 22
Owner and Manager of SilverStride Equestrian Center

About me: I established my business, SilverStride Equestrian Center, to create a warm environment for people of all ages to learn how to become an equestrian Noteworthy business/personal accomplishment: My life long dream of SilverStride Equestrian Center at age 21. My biggest accomplishment isn’t one moment; it’s every moment I bear witness to the love between rider and horse Life-changing event, moment or revelation: At the age of 3, I finally got to ride my first horse at a barn in south Florida and I knew that this was what I was born to do Playlist: Country Last book: “The Secret” Strengths: Hardworking, determined, and motivated Weaknesses: Animals. If there is a lost dog, I’ll pick it up Guilty pleasures: Splurge night How would I improve Ocala: Don’t build any more homes and leave the land as it is Historical figure I most identify with: Annie Oakley Luxury is: sleeping until 7:30 a.m. My favorite hero of fiction: Kim Possible.

Bryce Peek, 26

About me: Started three companies by the age of 22. Two of them failed; which turned out to be the best learning experiences of my life. Assisted in the purchase and sale of over $5MM in Real Estate since 2011. Elected Vice President of the Downtown Business Alliance at age 24, then elected President at 25 Noteworthy business accomplishment: Successfully closing my first large acreage real estate transaction Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Becoming a certified Master Diver Ocala connection: Fourth generation family from Ocala. My great grandfather was the horse and carriage doctor here in Ocala Life-changing event, moment or revelation: Being baptized March 4, 2012 during a mission trip to Nicaragua Last book: “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley Ocala’s best kept secret: The true old Florida way of life Favorite sport: Scuba diving How would I improve Ocala: Turn downtown into a regional destination for entertainment and business In 5 years: I would like to be standing inside a hotel on the Downtown Square.

Amanda Tillander, 24
Owner of AJ’s On The Square, Coyote Cantina, OEC

Noteworthy business accomplishment: Opening AJ’s On the Square Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Living with a Maasai tribe in Africa on my own for 2 weeks. I learned their way of living without electricity, running water and their day-to-day tasks. Ocala connection: I moved to Ocala 15 years ago when my dad opened Midnight Rodeo Last book: “Fifty Shades of Grey” Strengths: Multi-tasking, I love to be super busy all the time Weaknesses: Not being on time…I am ALWAYS late. Guilty pleasures: Tanning…I’m obsessed, and like every girl shopping Favorite food: I love steaks!! Favorite sport: Horseback riding Favorite drink: I actually love water, as lame as that sounds, but alcoholic beverage would be Raspberry vodka and soda water My motto: Winners never quit, and quitters never win Ocala needs a: theme park One career goal I have yet to achieve is: I would love to make my own vodka One person in Ocala you most admire: My father.

Scott Coldwell, 33
Realtor, Broker Associate

About me: I am a successful businessman.  In less than eight years, I have rose to the top of Ellison Realty Inc. as a Broker Associate and becoming #1 in sales as a Single Agent Noteworthy business accomplishment: Entering the “International Presidents Elite” which is the top 3 percent of Coldwell Bankers Sales Associates Internationally. Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Being a great Daddy. I have three beautiful children that I absolutely adore and can never get enough of Playlist: Mostly 90’s Alternative on Pandora or 92.9 FM Strengths: Being “real” Favorite electronic device: Iphone Favorite food: Five Guys Favorite TV show(s): “Modern Family” and “The Office” Favorite sport: College Football A drink with one person, dead or alive: My Father. I never knew him. He passed when I was 2 years old Dream car: Ferrari F12berlinetta Art or science: I’m leaning toward science. If you think about it, where would we be today without Iphones? Ocala needs a: Six Flags.

Tina Banner, 39
VP of Resource Development for the United Way of Marion County

About me: I have served in eight different roles in the Ocala Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) including chapter President. Currently, I’m serving my second year on the state executive committee of FPRA and serve as a member of the strategic planning committee for United Way of Florida Noteworthy business accomplishment: Recently receiving my Certification as a Public Relations Counselor (CPRC) Noteworthy personal accomplishment: Completing two half-marathons and two 15Ks within four months of each other Proudest moment: When my daughter was named on the Ocala Star-Banner 2012 Cross Country First Team and when my son was awarded the coveted Scott Carrigan Award for sportsmanship, character and leadership Last book: “Decisive” by Chip Health and Dan Heath Favorite TV show: The Amazing Race Marathon worthy: Breast Cancer Art or science: Science, the answers lie within My motto: Lead, follow or get out of the way!

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