The Artist Within Us…

By Kelli Fuqua Hart

Anyone who knows me, knows my passion is art. I love to create it, I love to experience it and I love to look at it. There’s a positive vibe that art emits. Even some of that dark, spooky art that looks a little suspect… The fact that someone created it and the fact it manifested from someone’s imagination is enough to still spark a little bit of happiness in anyone who understands and appreciates art.

I often have people tell me that they aren’t artistic and I have to disagree. Maybe you can’t paint or sketch or play an instrument, but there is creativity and artistic abilities in ALL of us.

I think we often limit our definition of “creativity” or “artistic” to being able to paint or draw, when there are so many more elements to be considered.

For example, look at makeup artists! To me, THAT is what I call art! And let’s consider hair dressers (as my great-grandmother used to call them) or fashion designers and consultants… There’s floral designers and jewelry makers… web designers, seamstresses and decorators… musicians and writers and professional chefs… there’s your everyday doodler… The list goes on and on because what makes a person “artistic” is defined only by their passion to see what others can not see.

Does this mean every person’s “art” is enjoyable? No. The lady selling toilet paper doilies at the swap meet may not have a huge fan-following, but that doesn’t make her any less of an “artist” in her own right. Her desire and ability to “create” something and her execution of it makes her “creative.”

Our children seem to create some questionable masterpieces, but I guarantee you they get hung with pride by any good mommy or daddy.

My point is this – we all have an inner-artist and we should all tap in to that! We need to facilitate our juices by at least giving creativity a try. Maybe your clay pot isn’t as good as the next guy, but in the eyes of someone, your clay pot is perfect. Maybe your painting of a flower ends up looking more like an abstract, but guess what? That’s ok! Abstracts are some of the most adored works of art!

I can’t imagine life without art and being able to express myself through it. Which is why I also can’t imagine a life void of it. So, here’s my challenge to you:

No matter how art-less you feel, find a project that you’ve always wanted to do and simply do it! Don’t measure your success by how it turns out or how long it takes you to finish, but rather by having done it. If you’ve always wanted to paint a canvas, do it! If you’ve wanted to redecorate your living room, do it! If you’ve wanted to learn an instrument or sculpt or write a poem, do it!

The good news it, there is no failure in art other than failing to try!

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