Tell Us About You!

I’m pretty much just a normal kid. I love to be outdoors whether I’m hunting or fishing or just hanging out with friends. Throughout the week I spend my extra time after school working out but on Wednesdays and Thursdays I volunteer at Hillcrest Academy after school and it’s always my favorite time of the week. Walking in after a tiring day at school then to go over to Hillcrest and be greeted by smiles from the staff and kids is always great and really makes my week.

How Did You Get Into Sports?
I started off with flag football when I was four years old and the next year I was old enough to start tackle football and I just kinda fell in love with it. I honestly can’t remember a time I wasn’t playing football.

What Is Your Most Memorable Sports-Related Memory?
I have two memories that I can’t choose between. My sophomore year when I was playing at Trinity Catholic we made it to the second round of playoffs and we lost but through the game it helped me realize the brotherhood that gets built from going through workouts the entire year and the two-a-days near the end of summer, it’s just always stuck with me. The second memory is from this past season while I was at OCA against First Academy Leesburg. Their quarterback just kinda threw it up and their receiver caught it over our corner and got spun around a little but he was at the goal line when I hit him and knocked him off his feet and the ball came out and I recovered it saving a touchdown. It was probably the biggest hit I’ve made throughout high school.

Who Is Someone That Influenced You? In What Ways?
My dad. He’s easily the toughest person I know and he’s instilled in me that no matter how tough something gets there’s always a way to put my mind in a different place and finish the task at hand.

Who Is Your Athlete Role Model and Why?
I have two. Ed Reed and Eric Weddle. I’ve grown up as a Ravens fan coming from Maryland and through watching games I got to watch a lot of Ed Reed’s film and just the way he knows what is happening from watching film he was able to make plays even in the end of his career. Eric Weddle is the same way. He’s not as athletic as Ed Reed but his preparation helps him make a lot of big plays and help his team win. I’m not as athletic as most people but I feel like my preparation helps me make a lot of plays so that’s why I try to model myself after them.

What Inspires You?
My family is definitely my biggest inspiration.

What Are Your Plans After High School?
I’ve been talking to a couple of colleges about playing football but I haven’t quite made a decision yet. I do plan on majoring in Special Education in college though.

Do You Have Any Rituals Or Superstitions In Getting Ready For a Game?
I usually try to take naps so I’ll be completely energized.

What Does Being a Team Player Mean To You?
It’s really the most important thing to me. I could care less about my individual success. What matters to me is winning and making sure we can win as a team. One person doesn’t win championships, it takes that brotherhood bond.

What Is Your Greatest Academic Achievement?
It’s not really impressive to a lot of people but I was proud of myself when I got a 26 on the ACT.

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