Taylor Michel – 40 under 40 2021

Name: Taylor Michel

Age: 28

Occupation: Founder/CEO

Name of business/workplace: Synalgic Studios

Grand goal:: To continue growing as a person and to leave an impact on those around me.

When not working, I … write and record music, play video games, longboard, work on woodworking projects and enjoy outdoor activities.

What I like most about Ocala: The best part of living in Ocala is seeing the rapid growth and expansion and getting to be a part of the entrepreneurial community.

Pet peeve: Cables being tangled or tied in a knot.

Philosophy in a word: Growth

Personal superpower: My love for learning new things.  

If you could have a superhuman power, it would be … the ability to fly.

Community cause: 1 Million Cups Ocala. 1MC has given me the opportunity to connect and help other small business owners grow right here in Ocala. Shop local, right?

Guilty pleasure: Singing in the car

Historical dinner date: Hemiunu of Egypt.  Second only to Khnum Khufu, the pharaoh of that time, Hemiunu is believed to be the architect behind the Great Pyramid of Giza. I would love the opportunity to pick his brain about the pyramids and how they were constructed.

People who know me say I am … wholesome

Biggest professional achievement: Reaching 200k+ downloads on an app that I developed.

Favorite part of my profession: The constant puzzle-solving involved in software engineering.

If there is one thing I indulge too much in, that would be … Pepsi.

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