Mike Mills – 40 under 40 2021

Name:  Mike Mills

Age:  33

Occupation: Coffee Bar Franchiseur 

Business/workplace: Symmetry Coffee, Buzz and Grind, and emerging brands

Grand goal in life: I’m in pursuit of a legacy. I want people to experience joy and feel empowered when they are with me or within my circles. I want to live so vehemently that I’m remembered for making people feel like they could conquer the world!

When not working, I… I haven’t worked in a long time. My passions are infused with my occupation. My family, travel, reading, and hobbies are all rolled into the “work” I do. I really enjoy hiking, sports, and video games, too.

What I like about Ocala: We have harnessed the small town feel in the middle of an economic explosion. I love Ocala’s commitment to itself through the growth. Being surrounded by springs, trails, and beaches is wonderful also!

Pet peeve: Self-doubt. I don’t like seeing people doubt themselves. Too often people can’t see the power they have or how truly wonderful they are!

Philosophy of life word: Ubuntu

Personal superpower: Empowerment. I feel accomplished and find purpose in the growth and confidence of others. I think people like being around me because they can reach further and jump higher knowing that I’m cheering for them.

Superhuman power I’d like: I wish I could harness the power of a moment. Whatever emotion, feeling, or impact a moment has – I wish I could capture it for reuse. The joy of first holding your baby, the excitement of falling in love, or the rush of cliff diving. I wish I could bottle that and give it to people at any time.

Favorite cause: There are 3 that mean a lot to me. Our Hearts Align, Take Stock in Children, and Dignity Roasters.

Guilty pleasure: Potato chips. I have no control over myself when it comes to potato chips. When I see a bag I am overcome with the desire to conquer that bag.

Historical dinner date: I don’t think I’m allowed to say Taylor Swift so maybe Chris McCandless. McCandless had a very Thoreau mindset seeking simple existence while meandering into adventure.

People who know me say I am… Passionate? Maybe excitable? I get super fired up about ideas and dreams.

Biggest professional achievement: The pending opening of Symmetry Coffee’s new location downtown. It will be a glorious day.

Favorite part of my profession: The people! I’m brewing relationships all day. 

I indulge too much in… Coffee? I’m not sure “too much” ever applies to our craft coffee!

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