Garland Brigham

Name: Garland Brigham

Age: 23

Occupation: HR Coordinator

Business/workplace: World Equestrian Center

Grand goal in life: To be happy, live life, and help others

When not working, I . . .  workout, coach youth football, read books, and study 

What I like about Ocala: Ocala prepares you to have a greater appreciation for the little things. It is nice to live in a place where you can genuinely take your time, that is hard to come by. 

Pet peeve: People who are content with being average

Philosophy of life word: Faith

Personal superpower: The ability to relate and understand others 

Superhuman power I’d like: the power to turn back time

Favorite cause: gun violence within the youth (especially the black community)

Guilty pleasure: watching anime in bed

Historical dinner date: Martin Luther King. I choose him because it would be great to hear his philosophies about life and the state of America today

People who know me say I am . . . calm, understanding, and driven

Biggest professional achievement: Obtaining my master degree in Business Administration

Favorite part of my profession: Helping others and problem-solving

I indulge too much in . . . sleep

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