Foster Florida: A helping hand for foster families

LEADERSHIP: Amy Hill, chapter advocate

LOCATION: Serving all of Marion County

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of Foster Florida is to empower families on the front lines of foster care by mobilizing and equipping their communities to support them. By enabling people to serve using their God-given gifts, we can recruit and retain quality foster homes, ultimately growing more connected communities filled with stronger families. Bringing a new child into the home, especially a child who has experienced trauma, will require time for adjustment, loving, creating a sense of safety, and strengthening these family characteristics. Families can do this better when they have a system of care from their local community and churches supporting them.

WHAT WE DO: We serve in a number of ways, but our four fundamental forms of service through our matchmaking program are: prayer, childcare, meals and financial support. We also offer sports scholarships, host fun events, fill urgent needs and so much more. There is nothing that compares to making Christmas magical for every single child in care. This year we are providing that Christmas magic to over 700 children in Marion County.


• Sign up to be a Villager and get connected to volunteer.

• Get your church involved. We will gladly come and share our mission.

• Set up a supply drive. (Diapers, pajamas, shoes, anything children need.

• Financial support and/or event sponsorships.

Follow us on Facebook and watch for urgent needs.  

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Foster Florida
Fostering Florida
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