Erin McClary Hutchins – 40 under 40 2021

Name: Erin McClary Hutchins, DO

Age: 33

Occupation: Family Medicine Physician

Business/workplace: Sabal Direct Primary Care

Grand goal in life: To always treat everyone I come in contact with as I would like to be treated; with kindness, compassion, and grace. I have had the privilege of being with my patients on their worst but also their best days, and if I’ve learned anything it’s that you never know the battles that people are silently fighting. As corny as it sounds, I want to be a light in this world and to share that light as much as possible. 

When not working, I . . . am spending time with my husband and two children. Usually outside. 

What I like about Ocala: No matter how big it gets, it still feels like a small town. I love driving through the Historic District and seeing the tall oaks, walking through downtown and experiencing the new shops and restaurants, and being close to so many wonderful nature activities North Central Florida has to offer. 

Pet peeve: Inefficiencies 

Philosophy of life word: Purpose

Personal superpower: Juggling life as a physician, mom, wife, and friend. 

Superhuman power I’d like: to be able to instantly heal others of their illnesses, pain, and suffering on command…while flying. 

Favorite Cause: The R.E.A.C.H. program through the Junior League of Ocala helping underprivileged students in Marion County

Guilty pleasure: I don’t feel guilty about it but CrossFit! I love functional fitness!

Historical dinner date: My grandfather. He passed away while my mom was pregnant with me and I would love to be able to meet him to hear his stories about his life, his travels, and just get to know the man who was such a big part of my mother’s life. 

People who know me say I am . . . exuberant, funny, loyal, empathetic. (I didn’t make this up, I actually asked my friends!)

Biggest professional achievement: Joining the best medical practice when I came back to Ocala. I am so thankful to be a part of Sabal DPC where I can practice medicine the way it is supposed to be practiced. I get to know my patients, they don’t have to worry about copays or insurance getting in the way of their primary care services, and they can call or text me whenever they need anything. 

Favorite part of my profession: I get to take care of my patients the way I want my primary physician to care for me, which is a privilege. I also get to use my hands to help improve patients’ pain through my Osteopathic Manipulations. 

I indulge too much in . . . Everything on Netflix


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