Dezmond Wheeler – 40 under 40 2021

Name: Dezmond Wheeler

Age: 34

Occupation: Graphic Design with a sprinkle of Healthcare Administration

Business/workplace: Progress Requires Growth LLC

Grand goal in life: To positively reinforce self growth, self love, and appreciation for life’s journey, through my entrepreneurial efforts and philanthropic endeavors.

When not working, I . . . am creating

What I like aboutOcala: My family is here

Pet peeve: Excuses

Philosophy of life word: Progression

Personal superpower: Being an intentional father for my son

Superhuman power I’d like:  to see the future. 

Favorite cause: Ambitious Boys Becoming Ambitious Men

Guilty pleasure: Overindulging in chocolate covered strawberries.

HIstorical dinner date: The Honorable Marcus Garvey. To see his plan through to liberate and mass exit black people that were underserved and systematically disenfranchised.

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