Colton Fredrick Pennington – 40 under 40 2021

Name: Colton Fredrick Pennington

Age: 27

Occupation: Salon Owner and Master Stylist

Business/workplace: CpFredrick’s Hair Designs and The Apothecary

Grand goal in life: To help others and inspire them.

When not working, I . . . Love to work on our home downtown; I’m always crafting something or building something. 

What I like about Ocala: It is more like a big family rather than a community. I could count on a complete stranger in the hardest of times and never be treated as one.

Pet peeve: Complacency 

Philosophy of life word: Everything is defined by a choice followed by action, a choice to be successful or to be the victim, to be angry or to be kind. 

Personal superpower: To understand others and connect with them.

Superhuman power I’d like: To heal others.

Favorite cause:  Kimberly’s Cottage

Guilty pleasure: Late-night snacks 

Historical dinner date: Nikola Tesla, to be able to see him explain his work and understand what it was like making groundbreaking innovations that forever changed our lives.

People who know me say I am . . . Busy…hahah.

Biggest professional achievement: The opening of my salon downtown.

Favorite part of my profession: Changing the way people see themselves. It’s such an amazing feeling to take an already beautiful woman and make her see that beauty.

I indulge too much in . . .  Designer bags and clothing.

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