40 Under Forty: Alexander Everts

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Alexander Everts

Age 27

Owner, Marion Fence LLC

Empathy, because we can always remember that we wanted someone to be there for us in our hard times so even when we can’t directly sympathize, we should really do our best to understand when others face hardships we don’t personally understand.

Aspirations I have are to go back to grad school and finish with a PhD in History, and to make sure my son has a healthy and wholesome community to grow up in.

My favorite way to give back to the community is through art and education. I have taught middle school and acted in plays at Ocala Civic Theatre.

What I love about Ocala is our perfect blend of growing urbanity surrounded by agriculture in the county.

Movies I’d bring to a deserted island would be all the Harry Potters as well as a documentary titled “how to escape desert islands.”

Never leave home without both my cell phones.

If I could tell my 16-year-old self one thing it would be to not drop out of high school; it just made college harder.

I’m very passionate about ending arguments between college education and vocational schools — I know both trades and average academia myself and they are both needed in society.

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